According to scientists, our first two decades seem to pass as slowly as the whole of the rest of our lives, so that our early experiences carry vastly more psychic weight than those of adulthood. If this is true then all the landscapes, whispers, meteor showers and memories I’ve witnessed have left their indelible mark on my work.

Many of the images I use are scavenged, I take old photographs and implant myself or imagery from my own personal history. In this way I create a past that never was, with unknown future implications. The figures in this body of work are implicated in an “us or them” scenario. Relationships are tenuous and at times dangerous, sometimes we barely survive the near collision. The figures fade into their surroundings, their bodies dissipate and spread into the background like fading memories.

Painting allows me a complex and subtle language to communicate my ideas. I am fascinated by trying to resolve how to merge pictorial narrative into dynamic painted ground. I paint the space where memory and reality overlap because I exist there. These works are concerned with how memories double the space of your existence. The paintings embrace the indelible imprint of people and places that have gone before me. An absence can be a highly charged presence in one’s life. The ghost still lingers. Yet memories are elusive, so in a sense, I rewrite my personal history through the work.